Implementation VERA-2R the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a pioneering country when it comes to the implementation and use of the VERA-2R.

Prison context

In the Netherlands, terrorist detainees are incarcerated in specially assigned terrorism wings. A risk-profile of every new detainee is made, based on the VERA-2R. These profiles support decisions on tailormade approach and placement for every individual detainee. The focus is on a detainee’s level of commitment to a hostile ideology and on the risk, that he or she will actively spread a radical belief in the prison context.

Dutch Probation Service (DPS)

The DPS has a specialized section that focusses entirely on Terrorism, Extremism and Radicalization (Unit TER). The DPS can include the VERA-2R in the pre-sentencing advices it offers to the prosecutor. Furthermore, during mandatory probation, the DPS is expected to periodically evaluate its high-risk clients. The VERA-2R enables such evaluations to be conducted upon objectified and exrtemism-related indicators. The DPS developed a digital version of the VERA-2R to optimally facilitate its professionals.

Forensic mental health experts

In the Netherlands, pre-trial forensic mental health reports by a forensic psychiatrist or psychologist are requested by the judiciary to the Netherlands Institute for Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology (NIFP). These forensic reports address questions about criminal responsibility, risk assessment and risk management. The NIFP has a specialist unit and trained forensic experts to make pre-trial forensic reports of persons suspected of terrorism. In addition to traditional diagnostic tools, these forensic experts are obliged to include the VERA-2R in all terrorism related cases.


Some analysts of the Dutch intelligence agency, AIVD, have been trained in the VERA-2R instrument. The exact use of the instrument however, cannot be specified.

Dutch Public Prosecution Service

A limited number of public prosecutors is assigned to prosecute terrorism cases. These prosecutors have all taken part in the introductory course of the VERA-2R in order for them to understand the methodology, risk-language and indicators of the VERA-2R.