Research & Development

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The NIFP is convinced that the development of an instrument that focusses on the dynamic and sensitive phenomenon of violent extremism, has to be accompanied by critical feedback and an awareness of contemporary developments in the field.

We are currently forming an expert committee to partake in such feedback and also stimulate all users of the instrument to share their experiences with us. Experts in the field are applauded to critically reflect on the indicators, the methodology and the usage of the instrument as well.

Contactforms are presented on the website. It is also possible to upload a feedback form on the extranet-page for Users.

In addition to its responsibilities on the VERA-2R, the EU has awarded the NIFP with two grants for international projects regarding violent extremism:

  • DARE: ‘Database and Assessment of Risks violent Extremists’
  • TREC: ‘Tackling Radicalization and Extremism in Custodial agencies’.

Information on the foundation and development of the VERA-2R as well as on the two European projects are outlined in this section.