Nils Duits and Maarten van Leyenhorst are the main trainers for VERA-2R programs in the European Union.

Elaine Pressman is also connected to the trainers pool as a Senior Fellow of the NIFP. She performs certain global trainings.

Below you will find their introductions.

Dr. Nils Duits

Nils Duits is co-author and supervisor trainer of the VERA-2R in Europe. He is an experienced forensic (child and adolescent) psychiatrist. He is a registered expert witness & supervisor for forensic mental health assessment for adults and youth. He is a senior researcher at the R&D Department of the NIFP and is tutor in forensic psychiatry. He published numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on forensic psychiatry and forensic mental health assessment. He directed several external funded research projects.

He is involved in coordinating and advisory functions in the Netherlands and Germany on violent extremism since 2013. He is the project leader of the EU funded project DARE of the NIFP on violent extremism (database and training VERA-2R six European Member States).

Dr. D. Elaine Pressman

Elaine Pressman is author and supervisor trainer of the VERA-2R. She developed the VERA protocol, and gave trainings on four continents. She is a behavioral and communications scientist, and is an internationally recognized expert in the field of risk assessment for violent political extremism. She published numerous articles, received research and development grants, and received peer-review awards. She is a senior scientific expert at the NIFP, is associated with the International Centre of Counter-Terrorism (ICCT) and the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Elaine advised government agencies, ministries and national security agencies ‎around the world and was invited expert to the Council of Europe, ‎the United Nations Office of Drugs, Crime and Terrorism (UNODC), the European Union, The Global Counter-Terrorism Forum (GCTF), Hedayah, and the International Institute for Justice and The Rule of Law (IIJ).

Maarten van Leyenhorst, Msc.

Maarten van Leyenhorst is a trainer of the VERA-2R at the R&D Department of the NIFP. Maarten has a master degree in Forensic Criminology and in International Crimes and Terrorism. Maarten has worked as an advisor for the Dutch Probation Office, specialized in foreign fighters and terrorist suspects. Maarten published peer-reviewed articles on violent extremists and risk assessment of violent extremism. Maarten is involved in the EU-funded projects TREC and DARE of the NIFP, in the national evaluation and implementation of the VERA-2R.