Two-day training

The training has a desired group size; this allows us to safeguard room for discussion during case coding(s) and will promote a more interactive session.

This way all participants are actively encouraged to partake in discussions and the trainers have a better sense of the audience member's understanding.

Training 1: Using the VERA-2R

A two-day training course of the VERA-2R for the professional that has the desire to obtain an in-depth understanding of the instrument, without the adherent obligation to practically use the instrument.

This training is provided by experienced trainers and details on all topics relevant for understanding and using the VERA-2R.

In addition to the theoretical and methodological framework of the instrument, at least three cases are exercised and discussed. This training includes the official VERA-2R handbook©.

Training 2: VERA-2R Plus Implementation and Support

This two-day training course with a follow-up day is meant for professionals tasked to evaluate risks for violent extremism and who want to be licensed in using the VERA-2R. This training with two presenters provides a comprehensive introduction and discussion of the implementation and research findings that support the utility of the VERA-2R. It allows participants to complete at least four practice cases and the program actively stimulates and coordinates consensus discussions.

The official training also includes a follow-up day. This one-day program will be offered a year after the two-day program is completed. The follow-up day wil focus on understanding implementation issues and writing reports with example formats integrating the indicators of the VERA-2R. Participants will leave with more practical knowledge of risk assessment in daily practice and understanding on how to communicate the specific risk-language.

This two-day training module with the follow-up day enables professionals to use the VERA-2R in practice. Participants will be certified users of the VERA-2R and will obtain an official certificate.

This training includes the official VERA-2R handbook© and it allows access to the extranet environment of the VERA-2R website. This extranet environment enables all users worldwide to exchange experiences and developments related to violent extremism, risk assessment and the VERA-2R. Additional practical and scientific material and relevant conferences are also shared here among users.