Purpose instrument

The VERA-2R is an evidence-based violent extremism risk assessment instrument

The VERA-2R addresses risk assessment and management regarding violent extremism. It distinguishes itself from less evidence-based instruments and from screening tools aimed at determining potential radicalization.

The VERA-2R is applicable to lone actors and to members of extremist groups. It helps the professional to structure and weigh all relevant information, and clarifies what needs to be investigated and obtained from other sources.

The use of the VERA-2R will enable the professional and judicial authorities to make individual risk assessment of (possible) violent extremists and terrorists, and to focus, re-evaluate and manage risks at regular intervals. The instrument offers a systematic and comprehensive protocol using empirical relevant indicators for violent extremism. The VERA-2R furthermore identifies goals and measures that support the effectiveness of intervention programmes intended to counter violent extremism (CVE). The risk -, protective - and motivational indicators help to identify the objectives of law-enforcement and intervention programmes.