About NIFP

The NIFP is a Dutch institute that allocates expertise and understanding on forensic psychiatry and psychology.

Forensic experts who make forensic mental health reports of suspects of crime for the court are trained and appointed by the NIFP. These reports are also made of suspects of terrorist crimes.

The NIFP mediates between these forensic experts and the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The NIFP also offers somatic and psychiatric treatment in custodial institutions, and develops and guarantees the quality of corresponding frameworks and guidelines.

Additional care

If a detainee requires additional care, the placement process is coordinated and organised by the NIFP. This also relates to violent extremists and terrorists in custodial institutions. Moreover, the institute conducts academic research and provides education on forensic psychiatry, psychology and risk-assessment.

The NIFP is involved in research on violent extremism and terrorism and in the improvement, training and implementation of the Violent Extremism Risk Assessment (VERA-2R) in Europe. The NIFP collaborates with Elaine Pressman, who is responsible for training courses outside Europe.