The VERA-2R is a scientific, evidence-based protocol that is specifically developed to support risk analysis and risk management of violent extremism.

Accurate risk analysis of violent extremism is essential for the prevention of terrorist attacks and other forms of violent extremism. Regular risk assessment tools for individual violence have been found to be insufficiently relevant to the specific characteristics of terrorists and violent extremists. The VERA-2R contains 34 relevant risk-supporting and risk-mitigating indicators that are empirically related to violent extremism. Using specific guidelines and clearly defined indicators and definitions, all risk indicators are assessed in order to provide a professional risk judgment and a relevant risk management plan for a specific individual within a specific context.

This site provides relevant information for professionals that have an interest in the topic of violent extremism risk assessment, in the VERA-2R specifically and for professionals that would like to know more about the possible trainings related to the VERA-2R.