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  1. VERA-2R Factsheet

    Recently, a new VERA-2R factsheet has been developed.

    News item | 22-02-2024 | 14:12

  2. Writing Guidelines for VERA-2R

    Here you can find the new and improved Writing Guidelines.

    News item | 15-01-2024 | 14:26

  3. Article published: Interrater and intra-rater reliability of the VERA-2R tool

    Recently another article about research on the VERA-2R tool has been published at Frontiers in Psychiatry: Interrater and ...

    News item | 09-10-2023 | 15:32

  4. New article published: Using the VERA-2R, professional and organisational aspects

    Recently a new article: Using the VERA-2R, professional and organisational aspects has been published at Frontiers in Psychiatry.

    News item | 03-08-2023 | 08:25

  5. Developments within the VERA-2R and a rebuttal to a study conducted in Australia

    Several studies on validity and reliability of the VERA-2R are recently published. In 2022, the VERA-2R training has been ...

    News item | 06-07-2023 | 11:57

  6. Report Interrater and Intrarater Reliability of the Violent Extremism Risk Assessment tool published

    Recently the report on Interrater and Intrarater Reliability of the Violent Extremism Risk Assessment tool has been published.

    News item | 07-03-2023 | 09:20

  7. Research paper Comparison of risk factors between terrorist offenders and violent offenders

    Research of the department of Science and Education of the Netherlands Institute of Psychiatry and Psychology has looked into ...

    News item | 21-02-2023 | 09:46

  8. Publication article Identifying risk factors for Jihadist terrorist offenders committing homicide

    Recently an article, Identifying risk factors for Jihadist terrorist offenders committing homicide: An explorative analysis using ...

    News item | 13-12-2022 | 09:29

  9. Timetable Conference 24-25 November now available

    Please find below the timetable for the Conference.

    News item | 23-11-2022 | 12:46

  10. Invite Final Conference VERAPRO2EU

    The Final Conference of the European funded project VERA-PRO2EU will be held the 24th and 25th of November 2022.

    News item | 15-09-2022 | 17:17