The VERA-2R training is a competency-based group training, aimed at teaching knowledge, skills and attitudes that are necessary to apply the tool in professional practice.

The VERA-2R training is a training for professionals. The training is focused as much as possible on the working environment of participating professionals. This will be coordinated with the responsible professional or manager prior to the training. The training programme takes into account differences in background and experience.

A two-day VERA-2R training program is available for professionals who want or who must use the VERA-2R in their professional practice in and outside Europe. This includes background information on the VERA-2R, the knowledge base of violent extremism, terrorism and radicalization, and implementation principles and research about the VERA-2R. In the training, the VERA-2R is applied to case studies, in combination with the principle of professional consensus.


This peer consulting (‘intervision’) involving case studies is intended as a way of achieving and maintaining good inter-rater reliability among the users of the VERA-2R. Consistency of documentation and observations is important if different persons supervise the same individual over a longer period.

During the intensive VERA-2R training program, professionals will acquire the knowledge, skills and attitude in applying the VERA-2R and completing assessments using actual case studies.
Participants learn from the scientific and practical training material, the principle of ‘learning by doing’, consensus consultation with other professionals, and the attitude to learn from each other. Afterwards, professionals can use the VERA-2R in practice. Intervision and supervision is advised.