Content of the Training

The VERA-2R training teaches professionals the knowledge and skills to use the instrument. Therefore, they receive prior to the training, the relevant scientific literature on violent extremism and terrorism, and the literature on the principles of structural professional judgment (SPJ).

Participants also receive the VERA-2R manual in one of the existing four languages, the training case studies that have to be coded with assessment and coding forms, and examples of writing formats in their own language.

An intensive two-day training has been developed to learn how to use the VERA-2R. Due to Covid 19, a well-functioning digital training has been developed, that is given in three or four parts on different training days. This allows participants to do their ‘homework’, to study the scientific literature and to code the three or four training cases between the training days.

On the first half day, an introduction is given in background information of violent extremism and terrorism, the context and the structural professional judgement principles. The VERA-2R is introduced and the coding principles are explained. That is followed by a short practice with the coding of the first training case in groups in break out rooms with a consensus meeting.

Risk management

The second day or two half days, two training cases are coded in groups in breakout rooms with general consensus discussions. Special attention is paid to the different risk scenarios and associated risk management. The research on the VERA-2R, the research on group-oriented and lone acting terrorism, female terrorism, and psychopathology and terrorism will also be presented.

On the last half day, another training case is coded in break out rooms with a general consensus meeting. Then the professional VERA-2R practice is discussed, how to make and write risk reports, and what implementation challenges still remain.