Certification and Registration

Professionals who have successfully completed the training program will be awarded with a two-year certification as accredited VERA-2R users and they will be included in a register of authorized users.

Continuous learning principles are advised. Professionals using the VERA-2R should remain informed of the research and operational knowledge of violent extremism and terrorism and its accompanying risk characteristics. They should use peer consulting with consensus methods, and intervision, supervision and professional feedback principles. This, also because most professionals see relatively few radicalized individuals, violent extremists and terrorists in their practice. Recertification is needed for professionals who use the VERA-2R.

Judges and prosecutors

A VERA-2R day training for judges and prosecutors is important. They are users of VERA-2R risk reports. In this training, the use of the VERA-2R and the principles of structured professional judgement including risk scenarios and risk management can be explained.

Managers and frontline workers

Managers of judicial professionals and judicial frontline workers should also receive a short VERA-2R training. They work together with professionals who make VERA-2R risk reports and therefore need to know the principles of risk assessment, risk scenarios and risk management.