Organisational Aspects

Professionals using the VERA-2R must have followed a certified VERA-2R training. They have to maintain their necessary expertise.

They should use the VERA-2R and the SPJ-method as well as possible with professional consensus for their risk assessment, risk scenarios and risk management.

They must be able to write good risk reports, and to continuously improve them. They are able to explain the benefits and caveats of the VERA-2R. They should use professional consensus. They must want to improve their risk communication.

The responsibility of the management is understand the need of the use of the VERA-2R. They should facilitate that professionals are trained in the VERA-2R, and that their professionals have the authorization to use the VERA-2R in the assessments of individuals.

Professional expertise

Management should enable the professional use of the VERA-2R, and that professionals obtain and maintain their professional expertise. Also, management should enable quality improvement of violent extremism risk assessment and risk communication of violent extremists and suspected or convicted terrorists.