The VERA-2R: Additional Indicators and Other Improvements

There are several significant new developments in the 2018 version of the VERA-2R (Pressman, Duits, Rinne & Flockton, 2018). The SPJ methodology of the VERA is used in the VERA-2R but includes improved criterion-level ratings (Pressman et al, 2018).

Other improvements include:

  1. An updated knowledge base for violent extremism risk assessment including the inclusion of new research and empirical information;
  2. Enhanced scientific support for each risk indicator;
  3. The addition of additional motivational drivers to enhance relevance to women and youth;
  4. Improved descriptions,  definitions and examples of the application of each of the indicators to enhance consistency of use by trained professionals;
  5. Enhanced interpretation of the indicators to apply to men, women, youth and different cultural groups;
  6. Improved criterion-level ratings to support inter-rater reliability and consistent international use;
  7. Enhanced directions relating to the interpretation of the indicators with examples and other  guidance;
  8. Inclusion of an Additional Indicators section for indicators pertinent to criminal history, personal history, and mental health disorders. 

The Additional Indicators are described and identified as present or not present with all available qualitative information and evidence as required for each of the indicators included in the VERA-2R (Pressman et al, 2018).