The DARE project 'Database and Assessment of Risks of violent Extremists', funded by the European Union, has two principle objectives:

  • Training European judiciary in using a violence extremism risk assessment tool (VERA-2R), in combination with implementation measures.

Professionals in the criminal justice system of 6 Member States are trained in the use of the VERA-2R to deploy it in different judicial contexts.

Exploration and implementation meetings will be used to adapt and improve the use of the VERA-2R to the specific judicial context.

Use of one risk tool enables a multidisciplinary judicial approach, and the sharing of relevant risk information between judicial organisations, moving towards one 'risk language'.

  • Development of a European Database of convicted terrorists and their acts.

We need more knowledge about the risk characteristics of European terrorists to improve risk assessment, risk management and risk prevention of terrorism. Therefore, the NIFP has developed a European database on violent extremists and terrorists.

The aim of the European Database is to map factors related to engagement in terrorist activities.This has relevance for effective policy and professional judicial practice related to violent extremists and terrorists in European Member States.