Training courses in Europe 2018

A growing number of European forensic professionals use the VERA-2R.

In December 2018, fifteen forensic psychologues and social workers of the Danish Prison and Probation Service have been trained in the VERA-2R in Copenhagen.

They will be able to use the instrument in their daily work.

In November 2018, thirty forensic psychologues and social workers of the Austrian prison service and participants from Austrian intelligence received a two-day training in the German VERA-2R in Vienna with German cases.

All participants evaluated the training positively and are eager to start working with the VERA-2R in their assessments of convicted terrorists in relation to prison release issues.

Also, in November 2018, fifteen forensic psychologues in Nottingham, the United Kingdom were trained in the VERA-2R. There was enthusiasm for the VERA-2R and for the theoretical aspects and hands-on training. The VERA-2R will be used for expert witness reports for court and prison proceedings.

In Oktober 2018, ninety forensic psychologues, psychiatrists and social workers of the Belgium prison received two-day trainings in the French and Dutch VERA-2R, with follow-up courses for professionals who were trained before in using the VERA-2R with training cases in French and Dutch language.

Exchange of Belgian experiences, updates of the VERA-2R 2018 version, and discussing risk-scenario’s and risk management received a lot of attention throughout the training courses. We will continue with VERA-2R training sessions for the forensic field the coming years.