Training professionals using the VERA-2R

Many judicial professionals have been trained in using the VERA-2R in and outside Europe.

In the training course the VERA-2R manual (2018 version in English, Dutch, German and French) and training material in four languages are used.

A Finnish translation will be updated. Below an overview of European and non-European countries trained in the VERA-2R. Some countries are mentioned that will be trained.

European countries and organizations trained in the VERA-2R

Country Organization Type of training Participants Date
Austria Austrian prison organization, Wien VERA-2R 30 Nov. 2018
Neustart probation, Wien VERA-2R 20 Sept 2019
Belgium VVSE, Brussels VERA-2 15 Nov. 2016
BRAVVO, Brussels VERA-2 15 Oct. 2017
Belgian prison organization, Brussels VERA-2/2R 80 June 2017 Oct. 2017
Belgian prison organization, Brussels VERA-2R 40 Oct. 2018
VERA-2R Follow-up 80 Oct. 2018
Belgian Justice Houses, Antwerp, VERA-2R 20 June 2018
Denmark Danish prison and probation organization, Copenhagen VERA-2R 13 Dec. 2018
England Forensic Service Tully, Nottingham VERA-2R 14 Nov. 2018
Connect Psychological Services Limited, Newport VERA-2R 30 Nov 2019
Germany Legato Service, Hamburg VERA-2R 14 Feb. 2017
Prison Service, Niedersachsen 16 Feb. 2019
Prison Service, Bremen 16 Feb. 2019
Prison Service, Berlin 16 March 2019
Prison Service, Hamburg 15 May 2019
Prison Service, Hessen 15 Sept 2019
Prison Service Schleswig Holstein 15 Sept 2019
Finland Finnish Criminal Sanctions Agency, Helsinki VERA-2/2R 65 Nov. 2016 → March 2018 → Oct 2019
Finnish Immigration Service, Helsinki
France Ministry of Justice, Paris VERA-2/2R 90 June 2016 → Dec. 2017
ENAP, Agen
Romania Romanian Government Security Training Academy VERA-2 Training 20 2015-2016
Scotland Government of Scotland, Edinburgh VERA-2/2R 50 May 2016
Scotland National Police, Risk Assessment Authority 2014-2016
Sweden Swedish prison and probation organization, Stockholm VERA-2R 15 Sept. 2018
The Netherlands Forensic Mental health professionals NIFP VERA-2R VERA-2R Follow-up 200 48 April 2015 -> Jan. 2019 Jan. 2018 -> Jan. 2019
Prison service professionals
Police psychologists
Probation workers
Security service professionals

Non-EU countries, organizations and professionals trained in the VERA-2R

Country Organization Type of training Participants Date
Australia Government of Australia: Home Affairs and Attorney-General’s Department VERA-2R 70 June 2017 -> Nov. 2018
NSW Mental Health Network
Consultant Psychiatrists and Psychologists
Canada National Police (RCMP and other Canadian government Agencies VERA-2/2R 70 Feb. 2017 and prior years
Quebec National Police (Surete du Quebec)
Community CVE agencies
USA U.S Federal Bureau of Prisons VERA-2R 5 Nov. 2017
FBI National Academy, Quantico VERA-2 40 2014-15
Singapore Government Security VERA-2/2R 20 2015-2017

VERA-tools have been introduced in countries in Asia and Africa by official training and/or invitating individuals to VERA-2R trainings provided in other countries. In a few countries in Africa and Asia, professionals have applied a VERA-based analysis or risk assessment based only on open-source publications and written documentation.